Our knowledge with simulators came first through our founders career and passion for motorsport which, in line with improvements in all aspects of simulation, evolved into the building of training simulators for real world racers. 

Initially our founder, Simon Mason, would buy hardware from all over the world, assemble and tune then supply to customers.  That vast experience leads us to the products Sim Dynamics provide and support today. The pick of the crops so to speak.

After working with such a diverse range of hardware and indeed people in motorsport, we understand that making the right choice is more about you, your experience as a driver real or virtual and your experience with PC's and building "things", it is not just about clicking the "buy now" button! 

Sim Dynamics is unusual in that it is not a business  driven the numbers instead we are driven by combined passion and facts.  Supported by the growing Sim Dynanics eSports community, we are here to supply people who really want to gain the most from their eSports by buying and correctly using the right products for your goals.


Sim Dynamics founder, Simon Mason has been immersed in motorsport from childhood, a multiple championship winning driver, a leading high performance driver trainer working for Aston Martin, Porsche and Ferrari, a championship winning team manager in the UK and Europe and a passionate eSports driver.

Thanks to a Haynes manual and some tools his father had at just 18 Simon created his first race car including the engine build, by 19 Simon had his first race win. All this in the times where racing cars was achievable on a budget of £2000 a year with sacrifice and passion.

Since his career began in 1989 Simon is proud to have gone on to race at the sharp end in British GT along with many successful 24hr race results.  Now busy with Sim Dynamics he gains his motorsport fix from iRacing and occassional Endurance Karting events with BPEC.


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