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The Sim Dynamics story spans over 30 years begining with real world motorsport and leading to our passion for the creation and supply of superb simulation products.   

Founded as Motorsport Tuition Simulators by Simon Mason, our original path was to offer training in our self-built simulator for racing drivers in the North West of England.  This simulator was so well received by all who drove on it that customers began to ask Simon to supply personal simulators.

It has become our business to test all current leading hardware choices on the market. We take great pleasure in testing new components or new software and seeing how far we can go to achieve as near to realism as we can possibly get. This is our passion.

Our trading name was changed to Sim Dynamics to reflect our broader interest in all areas of simulation, not only motorsport, but also flight simulation and hardware supply.

We are rare at Sim Dynamics to have a huge back catalogue of experience, not only with sim components, but with the vehicles and enviroments they are actually trying to replicate. Rarer still, we understand how people develop on both sides of these equations. As the world of simulation grows it seemed only right to offer the best of our experience to a broader appeal. 

Our Founder

There was a time not so long ago when it was very hard to attend a race circuit in the UK without coming across Sim Dynamics founder Simon Mason coaching a client or two.



Simon was one of the first and certainly most prolific full time racing driver coaches in the sport. He helped develop race and championship winners in everything from Sprinting and Caterham racing to British GT, including three  Championship titles in his own right.  

Simon’s experience in high performance driver training, working for car brands such as Caterham, Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin alongside a select group of private clients allows him to build and develop simulators with a highly tuned and accurate real world feel. 


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