Take all the head scratching and time out of building a simulator.

This is where we can help with a simple ready to go solutions. ​Sim Dynamics offer three  ready to race motorsport simulators, each one fullfilling the three different levels of high quality simulator ownership with best in class features and always fully supported. 

Tuned to deliver an immersive and accurate simulation, high quality and relevance is at the core of every simulator Sim Dynamics creat.  Contact us to arrange a test drive.

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Sim Dynamics e-Sport

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Delivering the best possible start in the world of eSports and motorsport simulations.

Developed for novice racing drivers and eSports competitors entering the exciting world of simulation in safe a practical way. This hardware package is extremely well proven and the go to choice for many major e sport competitions.

Controllers come from Fanatec, mounted to our own custom design graphite grey, ultra rigid and highly versatile simulator chassis.

Perhaps the most valuable feature of all is owners of these simulators join the Sim Dynamics support familly. This takes owners past technical support and into esports use and training.

Available fully installed or for easy self assembly with basic skills.

Delivery is typicaly 2 weeks from order. Please note VAT is now included.


  • Fanatec CSL Elite steering with F1 steering wheel
  • Fanatec CSL LC Pedals correctly calibrated
  • Rigid and versatile graphite grey Sim Dynamics 8040 Chassis.
  • High quality hand made and customised Motor Drive Pro race seat
  • 35"” Ultra wide, high refresh rate monitor
  • High quality Sim PC set up to run the simulation titles of your choice.
  • 2.1 Audio system with Headphones and Discord

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