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Our e-Sports team has been formed to offer a structured entry into iRacing Special events such as Le Mans 24hrs, Sebring 12hrs, Daytona 24hrs, Spa 24hrs and many others.

We bring real world endurance experience mixed in  with eSports and iRacing experience to create a fully supported entry into these fantastic team events to give members the best chance of a result in their iRacing event split.

Team members benefit from fast track experience gains in driving technique, software use and hardware set up. Additionally members are representing and therefore promoting the Sim Dynamics approach, therefore members will always benefit from preferential rates and support on anything we supply.

The team has long term goals to become one of the leading eSports race teams and will evolve over the years to achieve that goal.

We welcome anyone who has achieved entry criteria and now wants to move to more structured community focused approach to their eSports.

Car choices and events are flexible, all we ask is that members enter at least one major event with us each year and join in on some of our hosted sessions.


Ultimately we do better by working together. 


Team Entry

We invite anyone who meets entry criteria below to contact us if they wish to join and benefit from our approach and experience. 

Our entry criteria is simply designed to maintain a standrad that benefits all our team members.   




1.  Drivers must have achieved a minimum 2000 iRating. This rating can be below 2K at the point of contact but we need to see the potential      is within you.  

2. Drivers must have a Load Cell brake pedal (not an upgrade from non  LC system, Fanatec CSL Elite LC or higher is required).

3. Drivers must have a Class C 3.0 iRacing license.


1.  Structured approach to testing and racing. 

2. Organised private test sessions with live communications.

3. Teams matched with relevant experience and irating.

4. Great community of like minded people with varying life experience.

5. Race in exclusive Sim Dynamics eSports race team colours.

6. Car set ups and coaching.

7.  Exclusive Discord group for interaction.

8. A large proportion of members race cars in the real world alongside their eSports.

9.  Exclusive prices on Sim Dynamics products. 


Get in Touch

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Call us on 07540 363836


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