Simulators our now widely recognised as an invaluable tool in racing driver development.  Sim Dynamics deliver unparalleled driver coaching and simulator experience to deliver the lowest cost yet highest quality driver training packages. 


  •  Mental preparation

  •  Core skills development

  •  Confidence building

  •  Track familiarisation

  •  Experience the value of a high end simulator


Manchester location offers an affordable coaching session for anyone in motorsport or eSports.  This informal location is by appiontment only. Coaching at this location is always conducted by Simon Mason one of the first ARDS Grade A instructors with over 30 years experience in a current Aston Martin, Porsche and Ferrari approved pro driver and winner of 3 championships.

Donington Park Circuit location offers a more formal, purpose built training simulator, in a purpose built training facility. Coaching at this location varies depending on requirements with coaches assessed and approved by Simon Mason for suitable knowledge and experience prior to employment. 

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Race Preparation £65 per hour

Created for drivers who are confident in their driving and who simply want to spend an hour or two getting their "eye in" or brain in gear, ready for an imminent test or race.  Minimal input from the driver coach who will be on hand for guidance

Core Skills £165  2 hour session 

The simple fact is a simulator needs to be treated in exactly the same way as a real car, only, in a real car we have more warnings with significant consequences unwittingly obliging us to drive with excuses and below our potential for speed and safety. In this course we help you recognise and develop core skills and with it the attitude for real life motorsport. This is proven fact as contested by all top level racing drivers in the modern era. Core skills is a structured lesson aimed at you leaving us with a significant improvement in your potential on real or virtual tracks.

Track familiarisation £65 per hour

In this session we use only the most accurate track simulations. You will be shown around first by your coach, pointing out key areas to accelerate learning. Then it is over to you. Your vastly experienced coach will offer tips on the track with awareness of the dynamic limits of your car.  

High end simulator experience £30 per 25 minutes

Created for eSports enthusiasts who wish to experience and discuss the merits of high end equipment such as Direct Drive, Hydraulic pedals, refresh rates, resolutions etc.  


Prices subject to VAT.   



Courses at this facility are typically at a £50 premium to reflect the significant investment made in a professional facility.  Details will be released shortly.


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