iRacing Sebring 12hr our first official team event

Sim Dynamics entered two Porsche RSR's into our first official event as a team in iRacing. The mission was simple, finish and find out what we do not know!

Sim Dynamics eSport 1 went first at the 7am start. A licensing error meant the eSport 2 team moved to the significantly more populated midday start.

A massive shout out must go to our newest team member Mark Bennett a regular Assetto Corsa Caterham racer who gave an almighty go at obtaining his Grade C license to be in the race, he missed out just 30 minutes before the start but will be a great asset to the team in future events.

eSport 1 with Brian Saunders, Paul Allen and yours truly Simon Mason on board did not get off to a good start. A first lap incident resulted in a pit stop and put us 5 laps down! The car felt fine, so we elected to continue. Sadly though 30 minutes later an inexperienced GT3 driver being lapped by Brian made an error whilst being lapped and our car was sent airborne! Already 5 laps down and now with a 45-minute repair leading to an almost certain off the pace car after the repair was a petty uninspiring way to spend a Saturday so we retired eSports 1 in the first hour.

eSport 2 driven by Richard Baxter and Rory Bryant was now joined by Simon Mason for the 12 O’clock start in Marks absense. Based on what had gone before, all the effort we had put into practicing for the race and our primary mission, we elected to qualify with minimum commitment and start at the back, knowing we would move forward. We started 2nd last.

Richard Baxter took the start and did a sterling job under intense pressure steadily moving up the order and crucially not doing any significant damage. Game on!

Being our first serious event and all for knowledge gain we elected to play safe rather than attempt to create a result, after all there was nothing to prove other that what we did not know, we elected to run new tyres every pit stop, full fuel tanks, double stint drivers.

It worked perfectly allowing everything to move around us offering insights into how the race is won and lost by other teams!

We had a few dicey moments, a few near misses mostly dodging errant LMP’s at the apex of corners but that aside we were making up ground and only one lap off the leaders for most of the second half of the race. We finished 6th in GTE, and had we attempted to manage fuel or not change tyres we almost certainly would have taken 5th who we had been outpacing for the last few hours of the race, a fuel stop to get us to the last 20 minutes was just a bit to much to claw back.

Never mind all that, both teams came away with plenty of questions, plus some clear do’s and don’ts for the future. We have already begun investigating our questions and already have some clear strategies moving forward so mission acomplished.

Thank you for reading.

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