iRacing Week 13?

What is that about?

For those new to iRacing week 13 is in effect “reset” week, where racing becomes less about winning and more about having fun on the sim. iRacing and Safety Rating for the most part, no longer matter. The usual championships cease apart from a couple of major ones like MX5’s and Porsche Cup and a series of “crazy grids” gets formed.

Why does this happen?:

Week 13 gives the iRacing business a chance to add new content and make significant updates to crash and tyre models amongst other things like sound and graphics, in a week where championships don’t mater.

With so much variety in the real world of iRacing user hardware, no amount in house R&D can cover every base so week 13 allows the deployment of updates in an environment where glitches and loopholes do not mater as much and therefore can be resolved fairly and quickly.

Significant disruption is very rare.

What does week 13 mean?

You can race cars that you are not normally licensed to race. This is both good and bad so always check the MPR. If the race is MPR eligible then your ratings are counted as normal.

Typically Mazda MX5 and Porsche Cup remain MPR with most other random races going freestyle so your iRating and SR are safe but of course that does promote a certain idiocy in many drivers!

Never take week 13 seriously. It is all about the chance to test new content.

New content this coming season includes a free Formula Vee race car, which should become very popular. You will see it racing on the same grids as Formula 1 cars in week 13, then moving to pure Formula Vee grids in Season 3 onwards.

When does it stop?

Week 13 is typically just one iRacing week so Tuesday to Monday. The following Tuesday see’s the start of the new Championship season. In this case Season 3.

Take Week 13 as the chance to plan which car and Championship you will focus on in Season 3

Written by Simon Mason of Sim Dynamics

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