Le Mans 24Hr Trials

Every track, every car and more importantly every event has its own features and details. A 6hour race is relatively easy to prepare for, a 12hr is similar but fuel and tyre strategy plays a part, a 24hr race is a hole other game where everything from fuel, pace, reliability and tyres play a big part.

We have run in all 3 race durations now and so far always with the primary goal of learning. We then tighten our approach to each event.

Due to life commitments we chose to enter the 3rd and final Start time… we anticipated a very poor iRating split as a result and we were not disappointed! One driver in an LMP1 had only 498IR (seriously how do you get that low, oh yes by driving the fastest cars in iRacing and crashing…. a lot!!)…. Inevitably attrition was very high with some way below average driving early on. Our mission though was to learn so the poor quality of the field was not a concern other than adding extra caution.

Another significant factor in our entry, only one driver had raced at Le Mans before and two team members had yet to even run an endurance race. Experience for all drivers was the number one objective, the result would be by-product of our time, reducing the pressure on our new drivers.

The line up was Simon Mason, Paul Allen, Peter McDade, Mark Bennett, Richard Baxter and Lee Joyce.

The start at Le Mans was not as expected and resulted in car damage before we even entered the last chicane… the one before the start line… I mean seriously, how bad is that!!

The high GPU rendering requirements of Le Mans and a large grid race caused a few first stint issues alongside a loss of straight line speed from the start incidents. A few more minor incidents occurred avoiding other drivers but overall all the six Sim Dynamics drivers did a superb job, and all gained big jumps in SR to push them up into better quality racing in future.

We were running in 2nd for a large part of the race but sadly an engine failure 15hours in put us down several laps and dropped us 15 laps off the GTE class leader. We recovered to 4th but this was never our goal. What mattered most was what we all came away with new knowledge and skills for the future.

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