Sim Dynamics Race Team

After recently competing in the iRacing Daytona 24hrs in a Porsche RSR with the very friendly W2W Discord group, Sim Dynamics have decided to create their own eSports race team. We all loved the preparation, focus, and camaraderie of doing this type of online event despite it being an uphill struggle after an early incident in the race.

With a successful background in real world endurance events, it seemed logical to just get started and form the Sim Dynamics eSports Race Team. We will focus on major iRacing events initially but the long-term goal is to become one the go to eSports race teams.

We are under no illusions of the long and winding road of ups and downs ahead which combined with a significant back catalogue of experience tells us these will only make us stronger as we proceed.

Invited team members will benefit from fast-track experience gains, working within a team of like minded experienced people, focused responsibilities, structured schedules, with private and public test sessions all centred around specific events. Drivers can choose which particular events they wish to focus on, and we make it happen, with the best chances for a result through good preparation. We will also support team members with exclusive prices and benefits.

Naturally there will be an entry criteria to join the team and this is purely to match the time and effort put in by existing team members and the goals of the Sim Dynamics Race Team. Interested parties should contact us through the “Join our Team” page.

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