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Hello and welcome to my fresh new look and brand, Sim Dynamics. My name is Simon Mason and I have been building simulators for training tools used by real world racing drivers for over 5 years. Currently just over 30 years into a motorsport career myself, I have been successfully training racing drivers and working for many of the worlds most prestigious sports car brands alongside reasonable career as a driver in my own right.

My business name was changed from Motorsport Tuition Simulators to Sim Dynamics to reflect a broader approach to the market and demonstrate a long term commitment to the world of simulation a field I have become very passionate about. I would like to invite you to follow this journey as I create new resources and products that can be used on your own high end simulators.

Whilst building high quality simulators remains at the heart of Sim Dynamics, you will see some of our exclusive and high end products become available to upgrade DIY and our older sim builds alongside guidance and information on making the right choices for people enhancing the specification of their simulators.

Thank you for taking a look at Sim Dynamics and I hope to hear from you over the years ahead.

Simon Mason

Sim Dynamics

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