There is no getting away from the fact this is a cool steering wheel to own. Feels great, looks great and more buttons than you'll ever need!


Precision engineered and designed specifically for simracing, the materials, ergonomics and features allow you get the most out of your driving. The Formula Pro steering wheel features a large selection of momentary buttons, switches and rotary encoders to make sure that you have everything that you would want to adjust, activate or scroll through right at your fingertips.

The Cube Controls Formula Pro is the next step up from the Formula Sport steering wheel. In appearance, both wheels look very similar, but with the Pro version has a back light, 4 front rotary encoders, two thumb rotary encoders and four paddle shifters. The back light is behind all 13 momentary buttons, two of them with a “toggle” flashing led indicator which can be useful for the pit limiter or neutral.

  • 4 Front mounted rotary encoders
  • 2 Thumb operated rotary encoders
  • Multi-directional joystick with integrated encoder
  • Magnetic switchless paddle shifters and clutch levers
  • Launch control clutch system
  • Carbon fibre front plate
  • Elastomer moulded grips
  • CNC Machined and anodised aluminium parts
  • 3 and 6 Bolt hub mount to suit 50.8mm and 70mm PCD quick release systems
  • Straight back USB connector
  • VR Friendly
  • 13 Momentary buttons
  • 2 On/off toggle switches with LED indicator

A full carbon fibre front plate provides a stunning look, every button can be labelled with the included sticker sheet so you can customise each button and rotary knob to your liking. Adjust brake bias or MGU systems with ease using the rotary encoders on the front of the wheel. On the back of the wheel rim there are four paddles. The top two are magnetic, switchless paddle shifters while the bottom two are clutch levers. The clutch levers also have a launch control feature, meaning that one of the paddles can be adjusted to the correct bite point, while the other fully releases. This ensures that you get consistently great starts in every race. For attaching the wheel to a direct drive system, an aluminium hub mount features a 3 and 6 bolt pattern with a 50.8mm and 70mm PCD, suitable for use with quick release systems.

Suitable for use on the PC only.

Cube Controls Formula Pro USB

VAT Included