An essential element of immersive simulation hardware. 


Bright  and clear LED shift lights keep your eyes on the road and our head in the race with only the essential additional information, such as gear, Lap time, fuel used etc.


Employing the superb Leo Bodnar SLi unit in its black annodised alluminium casing mounted to our custom made super rigid carbon fibre mount, makes this a top quality and beatifully functional addition to any simulator.


Mounts to any Fanatec wheel base with a cut out section perfectly positioned to allow you to see the OLED on Fanatec DD1 and DD2.


Although plug and play this unit can be personalised using the FanaLed software.    


Package includes:

Leo Bodnar SLi unit ready attached to mount

Rear screw in USB cable 

Alternative side USB cable (for close mounted monitors)

Mounting bolts 

Plug and play with Fanaleds software.

Fanatec DD Pro Shift Lights

VAT Included