This top quality wheel emulator allows any steering wheel from Cube Controls,  Ascher, Gomez, PSE and so on to be mounted to a Fanatec wheel base, such as the DD1 or DD2.  We have built many simulators with this combination and it is superior to the Fanatec Podium Hub despite offering the same purpose.


Fanatec supply the Podium Hub for the same purpose but it is cheaper cast aluminium item (charged at a higher price) and has been known to cause interference issues with the dash board on some high end steering wheels, in particular those using UGT software.  The second issue is the Fanatec Podium is longer which in turn increases the leverage on the QR and therefore the flex.


In our opinion the Sim Racing Machines Hub is the best option by far. The only time an SRM Emulator will not deliver is where a Fanatec product is used as the button box or padle shift module for the steering wheel. 



Fanatec Wheel Emulator