Pro Sim Rig

Pro Sim Rig


The ultimate high end sim rig for lifelong, versatile use by even the most ambitious of simulator owners. 


As the name suggests our Pro Sim Rig is engineered to deliver the foundation for any high end simulation hardware. We use the Pro Sim Rig for our Pro Bespoke range of simulators from December 2020.


Designed out of many years experience building and working with simulators built on likes of Sim Lab, Pro Sim, Track Racer, JCL, RSeat and Playseat, the Sim Dynamics Pro Sim Rig can be matched but not beaten in purpose.  Once you combine the unusual fact we supply the Pro Sim Rig ready assembled with correct ergonomics and you could say the Pro Sim Rig becomes the best on the market.


We considered making unique panels to give us "a look" but the fact is, unique creats limits, not for the manufacturer but for you the customer defeating the object of serious simulator ownership. 


A key feature of the Sim Dynamics Pro Sim Rigs is that they are delivered pre built saving many hours of building, working out positioning, finding or waiting on missing parts and delivering a correct driving position for owners who have limited motorsport experience.


A package discount is available when the Pro Sim Rig is purchased with other components such as seats and monitor mounts when purchased in one order. Currently this is not possible through the web site so please contact us and we will offer a package price. Owners of a Pro Sim Rig will also gain an automatic discounts and special offers on future Sim Dynamics products. (we are not just creating sim rigs ;-)



Pre built for delivery 

Powder coated in hard wearing Satin Black (custom colours available)

Super Rigid chassis exceeding any simulator requirements including motion.

Super rigid side (Fanatec) or front (Simucube, Simagic) mounted steering as standard.

Height adjustable pedal set. (Two versions available, tilting for lower to mid range pedals and fixed level for owners of high end pedals) 

Heal plate to give accurate pedal positioning.

Keyboard and mouse tray.

Top quality extruded aluminium from Poletti in Germany in 12040 (also refered to as 20 series in the USA) primary structural areas and 8040 and 4040 features with 10mm thick sandwich plates for ultimate rigidity.

Powder coated in Manchester.

Designed and assembled in Manchester.

Fixings sourced from UK suppliers.

Delivered in person by Sim Dynamics founder, Simon Mason to ensure we can guide on finer details of your installation if required.



  • Technical specs

    Width 680mm x Length 1350mm x Height 725mm

    Powder coated black with graphite grey powder coat sandwich plates for upright mounting.

    Monitors can be mounted to the rig or seperately. 

    Owners can add any 40mm wide, 8mm slot elements to it. (please note 8020 is the same  40mm section refered to as 8020 in the USA)

  • Delivery and maintainence

    Delivered pre built or part built as required in a GT Driving position.

    The potential is endless so please contact us for specific requirements.

    The powder coat finish is easy to to keep clean with household polish or damp but not dripping cloth. The finish is very hardwearing but can mark or scratch on the surface. Unlike annodised finishes the powder coating is much thicker so much less likely to scratch through the aluminium below.   


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