The immerson kit is designed to add tuned vibrations to your simulator chassis. By combining road and engine vibrations with the use of a headphones your simulation will take on a whole new level of immersion. 


Kit includes 2x100W base kickers, power amplifier and cabling to suit any sim rig.


Powerful enough to be mounted anywhere on the chassis and still felt very clearly, infact we run them significantly under their potential power output increasing the life of the product and everything it is bolted to.


We typically mount this two kicker kit with one mounted to the chassis under (but never on) the seat and the other mounted under the pedals simulating engine vibration with gear shift and road vibrations.


Supplied with guidance on set up and use.  We don't believe bass shakers will make you faster but there is no doubt they will take your immersion to another level all together. 


We recommend SimHub for the operational software.

Dispatched within 4 to 5 days of order.

Immersion kit

VAT Included
  • Can be mounted to any 40 section ally chassis or a steel tubular chassis with appropriate mountings (not supplied). 100W of power ensures you get the vibration levels you aim to achieve.  We can supply mountings as required for 8040, and 4040 rig types with 8mm or 10mm slot types. Please enquire. 

    Requires SimHub to work.

  • Mounting is very specific to each rig and we are happy to advise accordingly.  We don't think they make us faster, but they certainly add to the realism of the simulator and can be tuned to the highest details, from depth of vibration to cause of vibration - which may be from the engine or more specific areas such as left rear suspension movement.