More than just a safe simulator PC, a Sim Dynamics PC comes loaded and configured with your choice of simulation software, set up ready to go with the hardware you already run.  Naturally support with our knowledge of simulatiuon software comes as standard. 


This particular Sim PC is designed for use with any simulation title employing any hardware, using a single monitor or TV. Capable of running an ultra wide or triple monitors in 1080 if required with reduced settings.


Buying a ready built and tuned Sim PC from Sim Dynamics not only saves you a huge ammount of time loading and setting up software but also delivers direct access to experienced support to get you into the action competitively in double quick time.


This PC is modular so can be compinent only upgraded if you feel the need in future. 


Delivery is usually between 5 and 10 working days from order.

  • Details

    Modular PC so upgrading with future objectives is possible as your requirements change.


    Intel i5 CPU with additional cooling (insuring good procesing power specificaly for iRacing or Assetto Corsa Competitzione

    nVidia GTX1660 graphics 

    Intel i5 CPU

    16GB RAM (ensures clean running)

    500GB SSD hard drive (insures fast load speeds and plenty of capicity to deliver many years of service)

    550W PSU (insures you hardware is never short of performance)

    WiFi and Ethernet connection recomend Ethernet for continuity in online racing)

    Windows 10 operating system.

    New email address used to set up the various software elements.

    Our time and experience loading software and setting it up so we can support your ownership fully. 

    Your chosen simulation titles loaded and calibritated to meet your  specified existing hardware.  For example latest Fanatec/Heusinkveld/Bodnar/Simucube etc  drivers loaded with settings for the simulation software. 


    Mouse, keyboard and monitor  (we can supply these items at cost, please enquire).

    Simulation hardware. 

  • Buying Advice

    There are 3 significant advantages to our Sim Dynamics PC's

    1. Ready loaded and calibrated to the simulation software.  

    2.  Saving you days of loading and learning and offering you the ultimate in support.

    3. Our PC's use high quality key components to help maximise the life of your investment. It is primarilly the GPU and RAM we change between the sim PC models 

  • Software choices

    Simulator software can be very subjective, our view based on 30 years i motorsport and using all current simulator software titles is however, as follows.


    The king of online racing is iRacing. Yes it costs more, yes it has its flaws like but the track and car creations are are easilly amoungst the best there are. The racing uses a license system which ultimately works well to encourage more logical racing. Iracing is also easy to drop in and out of for quick race or two.


    Assetto Corsa, DiRT Rally 2.0 and RFactor2 are the best for testing and training. They have online racing running in a smaller loosely policed format. The key advantage of these titles is we can modify software files (not in DiRT Rally) to make cars handle how we want regardless of the original build concept. This is where you can find F1 car performance with a  HGV body.


    Assetto Corsa Competitizione, Project Cars, Autombilista etc. These are great simulation titles although their focus is more game like emphasising graphics and rewards over physics.    

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