More than just a safe simulator PC, this Sim Dynamics PC comes loaded and configured with iRacing and your optional software alongside our experienced support as standard. 


Our RacePC-01AMD Rayzen is designed for use with any simulation title employing any hardware, using either a single conventional 1440 monitor, triple 1080 or ultra wide 1080 monitors.


Buying a ready built and tuned Sim PC from Sim Dynamics not only saves you a huge ammount of time loading and setting up software but also delivers direct access to experienced support to get you into the action competitively in double quick time.


This PC is modular so can be compinent only upgraded if you feel the need in future. 


Delivery is usually between 5 and 10 working days from order.

iRacing software and support included for 1 year.
AMD RAYZEN 5  2000, series CPU,  RTX2060 graphics, 16GB RAM and 500GB SSD hard drive.

You will need a mouse, keyboard and monitor for use.  We can supply these items at cost, please enquire.

Additional Software

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