More than just a safe simulator PC, the Sim Dynamics PC comes loaded and configured with FS2020 and your optional software choices alongside our experienced support as standard.

Our FlightPC-01 AMD Rayzen is designed to get you in the air with reliability and ease. Capable of running on any size TV or monitor comfortably upto 1440.   


Includes Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and set up support.


VAT Included
  • Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 ready loaded and configured to your expressed visual medium.

    AMD Rayzen 2000 series CPU, RTX3060Ti graphics, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, Windows 10, WiFi and Ethernet connection.

  • There are 3 significant advantages to our Sim Dynamics PC's

    1. They come ready loaded with the software we know you will require to achieve your objective.  

    2. That software is then tuned to your hardware with support on installation. In essence saving you days of loading and learning.

    3. Our PC's use high quality key components to help maximise the life of your investment. It is primarilly the GPU and RAM we change between the sim PC models