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SimPC Pro

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An alround great PC that will run any simulation title with any hardware. 


A very powerful and safe simulator PC, this Sim Dynamics PC comes loaded and configured for use with your choice of simulation software.  Support from our huge experience with simulations comes as standard


Proven to run VR, triple 32" 144Hz monitors or an ultra wide G9 monitors with graphics settings as advised by Sim Dynamics.


This product is a high end ready to go simulator PC and does not include simulation hardware. 


  • Details

    These are minimum specs and always built with the highest quality products. We use ASUS TUF Gaming motherboards as the basis of this product to insure you have many years of use and versatility in the future.


    Intel i7 CPU with additional cooler upgrade (this insure performance is maintained in long sim sessions with iRacing and ACC) 

    RTX3060Ti graphics (an excellent well proven graphics card that will run any graphical medium) 

    16GB RAM (perfect for any simulation, increase only required for live streaming of your races to Youtube or Twitch)

    500GB SSD Memory (for super fast upload speeds and good long term capacity)

    650W PSU (more than enough power to run the most demaning uses like VR)

    500Mbps WiFi with Ethernet (we recomemend Ethernet conection where possible)

    Windows 10 operating software

    New email address used to set up the various software titles.

    Your chosen simulation software loaded and calibrated for ease of use.

    Full support for your entry into high end simulators for 1 year.  


    Keyboard, mouse or monitor.

    Simulator hardware.

  • Buying Advice

    There are 3 significant advantages to our Sim Dynamics PC's

    1. Arrives ready loaded with the software to plug and play with your hardware.  

    2.  Software is tuned to your hardware with support on installation.  In essence saving you days of loading and learning.

    3. Our PC's use high quality key components to help maximise the life of your investment. It is primarilly the GPU and RAM we change between the sim PC models.

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