Why makes Sim Dynamics different!

Our history and therefore our character evolved from the purest of club racing to the highest levels of motorsport, spanning over 30 years in fact and that gives us experience, connections and expectations which we apply to every thing we do.

We have worked with simulators for decades although it is in the last 8 years we have started to take it very seriously into a business that is evolving into a much more focused entity in its own right.

The attitude we developed from our background in motorsport is pure and simple... what is the purpose of the product, how do we make it the best for that purpose!

Is delivery, installation and training included with complete simulator purchases?

Subject only to a pre-agreed mileage fee or international travel costs, the answer is yes, delivery and installation are included in the price. No extra labour or transit costs.

Our simulators are not toys, they are purpose built training tools. Yes, your children and friends can drive on them, but we need to be sure each one is installed correctly and set up for your expressed use.

What support do I get on complete simulators?

Purchasers of our complete simulators benefit from 24 months full support. We build and personaly deliver every Sim Dynamics simulator which means we can provide full support to our owners at no additional cost. Support is available by email 24hrs a day or 10am till 5pm via phone call.

Our support is all encompasing, from hardware to software to minor settings changes. Our simulators have proven incredibly reliable because we build them correctly to begin with and as such are veryu confident to offer this service.

Why should I buy a ready built SimPC?

A simulator is a highly complex combination of hardware running through Windows software. Whilst most parts will plug and work, very few elements of a simulator are literally plug and play. Unlike a most "games" simulators have to calculate significantly more detail much faster than any game does....

The pedals need to be ultra senstive, consistent and accurate, as does the steering and then that information has to run through 1 or more very high quality monitors which have to stretch the image to fit a wider than normal image and send those pedal and steering inputs back to the driver, with audio. This does not happen accurately with anything that is simply plugged in.

The internet is overflowing with problems and solutions for simulators. We have built identical hardware that have required different settings, none of this is a problem if you have the time and patience and go looking.

Buying ready built saves you time and guarantees a simulated experience not a gaming rig that constantly takes up research time and still doesn’t feel good. Plus you only need to contact us for support, not watch numerous Youtube videos to find a solution.

What if I want to upgrade hardware in the future?

In essence you can change anything you want now or in future!

All the elements of a Sim Dynamics simulator are highly modular, we build the e-Sport and Evolution Pro Simulators to be top of their game but time moves on and so do our desire and requirements from a simulator.

There is virtually nothing we cannot upgrade on simulators, from significant driving position changes to PC hardwrae changes to meet new goals. You name it can be done and in most cases at very neglieagable costs because th foundation of our simulators is already very high spec.

Tax and international sales

All prices quoted include UK VAT at 20%

For European business purchasers please contact us and we can amend your invoice accordingly.

International sales are subject to import duties and the prevailing tax laws.

What do I need to own a Sim Dynamics Simulator?

You need a dry clean environment (dust and damp can cause long term issues).

You will need a minimum of 6ft x 6ft of space, a minimum 6 pin multi plug with power surge protection, mains power supply and either WiFi or LAN for internet connection.

The perfect setting has a solid non-carpeted floor, no direct sunlight onto the simulator and the ability to make the room dark.

Why do high quality, ready to go simulators cost so much more!!

A ready built Sim Dynamics simulator is an investment in you, buying simulator parts is playing with an idea. No mater who you are if you have never built one it will be a year at best before it performs anything like a Sim Dynamics simulator.

The difference is we save a significant amount of time, fustration and perhaps most clearly increases the whole point of simulator ownership, being able to just get on with driving, however you chose to!

A Gaming PC, no mater how powerfull, how high spec or how expensive is just a Windows PC with nice graphics, potentia! You see a simulator has to carry out significantly more calculations, significantly faster than just about any other PC duty, even gaming!

Anyone can buy what they believe is the best hardware on the market and plug in to the PC and still only have a game. It is the time and experience spent tuning, using the correct cables, drivers and pc ports for each component that makes the foundation of difference. If you have a lot of time and a good understanding of mechanics and PC's then most information is available on the internet if you have the time, patience and inclination to look for it.

What about Virtual Reality (VR)?

VR is simply amazing and on the face of it the ultimate visual medium for simulation. We have used it for years and it is this experience we offer here.

1. Yes it is ultra-immersive and in certain car types will feel like you are actually there, particularly in open top car races. However, the image in the VR head set is much more obviously pixilated than on a monitor.

2. The pixilation of the image (put your eye right up against a TV for an idea of what we mean) ultimately reduces the depth of the image. You won’t be able to see apexes in VR as early as you will on a monitor and some written words can be harder to read. This is however, only slight reduction.

3. VR can be a little fiddly to use particularly when trying to set up a car. The problem is to drive in VR you have to close off all visual connection with you simulator, keyboard, monitor and so on. At first this just part of it, after a year or two it becomes tedius particularly if you take eSports seriously and need to make regular settings changes.

4. VR can make some people feel nauseous. A lot of this can be managed by using VR correctly but it still affects some people.

5. The PC needs to be much more powerful to run VR than 3 monitors and this increases the cost significantly. Plus of course, a decent monitor is still required for normal use.

We have done a lot of work to simplify and perfect the hardware but the above compromises still exist.

HOWEVER, the plus side to VR is less space is required for the simulator and if you can set aside the pixilation with vision depth loss and the fiddly nature of some of its use, VR becomes a very exciting and deaply immersive tool to use.

Motion simulators, what is your position?

We offer motion and it is very impressive, however, the cost increase is very significant and relative to value as a training asset is actually a hard one for us to justify to a customer. Lewis Hamilton as you can imagine has access to the best simulators money can buy, yet even he concurs motion is not offering any real world value.

Motion is nice for a game seat and perhaps to impress friends and people who don’t actually know what race cars feel like on the limit, it adds very little to the value of simulators as it simply cannot replicate sustained G force or yaw. All motion can offer is another immersive dimension which is why it will feel impressive at first. Within minutes of use, any experienced driver will report back that they are not using the motion to give them the feel for the simulated car, they are using the controls.

What software do you use?

Sim Dynamics supply and understand all the key simulation titles.

iRacing is a our favourite, it offers the best online racing, user interface, tracks and cars. It has a limited list of cars and tracks though and cannot be customised unlike the following.

Assetto Corsa is a superb alround simulation title.

rFactor2 is very much like Assetto Corsa but with some unusual glitches from time to time.

DiRT Rally 2.0 is a brilliant off road simulation for Rally and Rallcross.

Project Cars, Autombilista, Assetto Corsa Competitizione (ACC) are all very good "simulators" but more towards the gaming side of simulators. We work with and therefore support ACC but not the others although they will all run perfectly on anything we supply.

Can I get into eRacing with my simulator?

Absolutely you can! Our simulators will have you ready to go competitively from the start!

Sim Dynamics will be running some customer race and test rooms in the near future in addition there is a huge choice of online racing leagues.

What support do  get with Accessories and DIY components?

We will always offer guidance and support for any product we supply and you can always est assured everything we deliver is of the highest quality for the job required. However, we accept that errors can occur and where they do we will always do our utmost to resolve them in the fastest possible manner.