Sim Dynamics PC's are supplied with the software pre calibrated for use with ongoing support, saving owners significant ammounts of time uploading and setting up. 

We must also point out that all our Sim PC's are built with the highest quality hardware available. What a lot of PC  buyers do not realise is that there are several versions of each component to meet price points. Most gaming PC's are sold on the numbers for example i9, RTX3070, 32GB RAM etc because of course bigger number must mean better spec... Wrong!  What they do not tell us you is that there are over 20 types of RTX3070 GPU's available that vary in price and quality by as much as £300. 


When you choose a Sim Dynamics PC, you get a clear guide on its potential, both now and in future. You will have performance figures and support not just with your PC but also your eSports learning.

  • Plug & play simulator PC for iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rF2 etc

  • Ready calibrated with your specified simulator software

  • We ONLY use the highest quality hardware  

Ready for dispatch within 2 to 4 working days of order when shown in stock.

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